Monday, December 8, 2014

Here's a Gift Only the Grinch Wouldn't Like

Last year my friend published her first book and I posted about it here
It's called Black and White Cat, White and Black Dog, by Marlaena Shannon.

 This book is filled with her vibrant illustrations and the story is actually based on two of her (many) pets. She just received a shipment of the book in it's second printing.

If you are looking for a simple gift, even a stocking stuffer, you can order the soft cover from for about $10. A hard cover book is also available .

 I have a link to her book on Amazon in the right sidebar of this blog, 
it's there year-round if you want to find it later.

Here's the link, take a quick look and I imagine you will think of one person who would like this book, especially pet lovers.

If it doesn't work for your gift list, then consider asking your local library to get it.

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