Thursday, December 12, 2013

Black and White Cat, White and Black Dog - Book Giveaway

It's Friday the 13th, December, 2013. I've always considered Friday the 13th to be a lucky day, so I'm betting that this one may be even more lucky.

My friend Marlaena has been back home to Washington state for a few days this week celebrating the release of her first book, Black and White Cat, White and Black Dog. You may have heard me mention it in a recent post. It's a children's book, but will appeal to anyone who loves pets.

This morning she's reading her book to about 175 school kids (gulp). I know she'll do a great job, but I want to wish her luck here.

Today I would like to give away one soft cover copy of her book. To win:
  • Leave a comment by midnight Friday the 13th, 2013. 
  • Only US residents.
  • A winner will be chosen randomly and I will list the winner next week.
  • Keep in mind this is my first giveaway.
You can comment as 'Anonymous', but be sure to include your first name in your text.

This will make a nice Christmas gift and is available on Amazon.
You can order the book from Amazon on my favorites list in the right sidebar. 

Or order directly from Amazon at:

Good luck.


  1. make that I want to win - Chris

  2. Am I the last one in reply?... Hana

  3. I would love to win a book for my son! :-) Diane McCallister