Saturday, October 18, 2014

Autumn Favorites

Fall is my favorite season. Not really for the colorful leaves, which I like, but the cool air and the way the light hits everything. I've been thinking that this light is the same in spring, but what's different is that (in my climate) we are still outdoors and there's less rain so there's more opportunity to be outside and watch the seasonal changes.

We finally made a trip back to the Wildlife Botanical Gardens. I've been there often enough now that I recognize plants that I keep gravitating toward. One is this tree, Eastern Redbud. I like the leaves and I know if I were to look back through old posts, I've probably shown photos of this tree in other seasons. Last weekend it had just started to turn, but the leaves lying around on the ground were eye-catching covered with droplets of water.

Here's another plant I know I've admired before, but until now I'd never seen the berries in fall. Wow! I absolutely love this and when I've got a yard I intend to try growing it. Porcelain Berry. The week before I'd seen 2 photos on Instagram and was surprised that it grows here in the Northwest. As you can see it does quite well.

The thing that strikes me when I'm at the gardens is the large number of plants and trees with fruit or berries or pods. The point of the gardens is to showcase plantings that attract birds and wildlife. These types of plants are underutilized in most local landscapes, which is odd to me, since they are very ornamental.

This tree was covered with rosy fruit (I'm guessing a crabapple, forgot to look for the tag).

Of course, every trip to the gardens results in one photo that I really love. I've posted it on Instagram and plan to add it to my Flickr page. The plant is a fennel and the purple flowers in the background are blooming like crazy in mid October. 

Gratitude is my word of the year.

Today I'm grateful for:
online shopping, returns by mail
gluten free corn dogs, just discovered in the freezer section
Blogger, grateful that I stuck with it
Where Women Create, found it in the magazine section at the grocery store - love it
I'm grateful for more substantial things like my pets and Chris, but these little things provide small increments of joy in my life.

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