Thursday, January 23, 2014

Flowers for My Birthday

English daisies next to winter kale.

I saw a blog post with just one sentence the other day. The blogger was checking in, letting people know she was there, just preoccupied with something else at the moment. I liked that, it was like when someone drops a note in the mail. I guess when I think of a blog post it's a topic with photos to support it. I don't forget about my blog, but usually won't post if I don't have the topic or the photos. I'd like to work on having that kind of personalized simplicity here.

Tuesday I went to the bank. It was sunny out and I decided I'd go to the nursery on the way back home. I had just deposited some birthday money and thought flowers on the deck would make a good gift.

It's January so the options are limited. I was going to get pansies to add to the raised bed on my deck. I was happy to find english daisies instead. I found some primroses I liked as well with curly petals in violet colors. I thought I was done when I spotted the clover. It was so delicate and pretty I decided to try one.

Of course when I got home I didn't plunk them into the container like I'd wanted to. I found some spinach with new starts and transplanted them into another container. Then removed a tomato plant long forgotten. Since I have a huge bag of compost in the garage, I added some to the soil and used it as mulch.

White primrose and clover

I'm happy with the results. I particularly like this pot with the white flowers. I spent less than $20 total on plants and now have two pretty containers I can see from inside the house.

My word for the year is Gratitude.

Today I am grateful for:
sun (again)
the horse next door who likes to sun bathe
Starbucks coffee, even if it's decaf
the time to sort through boxes of old office files
recycling old office files
the little bird who informed me she needed more seed.

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