Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Dad

My dad's birthday is Tuesday, the 21st, and I wanted to wish him a happy one. About 10 years ago he helped me develop a piece of land that would become my first home. Lots of gravel, mud, even snow was involved. 

Later, when I decided to add a garage, he and Chris built it from the ground up. They worked despite rain or wind. They did it all, framing, roofing, and pouring the concrete floor. I say, "they", because I was not a lot of help. Lack of any carpentry skills and lack of patience made me pretty useless. But, they did all this for me, essentially for donuts.

That's dad on top

Pouring the floor with a mixer borrowed from the church

Dad has always been a Mr. Fix-it. He has found a 100 + 1 applications for duct tape, I know I've seen it - everywhere. He has electrical knowledge and has helped family, friends, and his church campground in many different ways. Most times people are thankful for his help without realizing the real time or money he's saved them.

He's always been a handyman and a Do-It-Yourselfer before it was trendy. I think he picked up a lot of his skills by helping out others. His shed is a mini Home Depot and everyone in the family has borrowed ladders, rototillers, even his truck.

Just need some doors now

The finished garage

A cake with a mini garage made of popsicle sticks (and many candles)

For his birthday in 2005 we gave him a cake with a mini garage and blue pickup on top. This year there are no more construction projects or cake tops. But, I still remember all the hard work that went into the garage project. At the time I thought it was my "forever home", but the fact that I left sooner than I'd planned doesn't diminish all the effort that went into it.

Happy Birthday, Dad. I hope you can relax in your easy chair and enjoy a game on tv, you've more than earned it.

My word for the year is Gratitude.

Today I'm grateful for:
my dad (see above)
dinner with my parents
a beautiful sunny day
appointments being rescheduled
reading about Martin Luther King, Jr.

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