Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Winter Sun

I live in the land of evergreen trees and rain. The rain isn't so bad, but the gray, the lack of light, can really get me down. Then we get weather like this. I think we've actually had more sunny weather this winter than rain. We are technically in a drought, but it all evens out. That means if you're planning an outdoor wedding this summer, better have a tent handy.

Speaking of weddings, Chris and I are planning ours. Yep, we have decided to tie the knot. He proposed on Christmas Day in his own clever way. Last weekend we went to Portland to visit one of two places that we are considering for the venue. It's a popular place and it's a little odd that we'd never been there before. 

Notice the bird's nest on the right?

This sunny wall covered in Boston Ivy was a surprise. We had approached the brick building from the other side. After looking inside we stepped out to discover this small garden space. The sun highlighted the color of the wall and the pattern of the vine. The tree shadow against the wall reminded me of another place we'd seen this effect.

This is a good reminder to people like me who avoid selecting deciduous plants, especially vines. The pattern and texture here were quite interesting. Of course the sun didn't hurt.

Even if we don't choose this place to get married, I'd like to come back and see this wall in summer covered in green and later in fall color.

My word for the year is Gratitude

Today I'm grateful for:
bath gel from a trip last spring
decaf doppio con panna
dinner plans at a new restaurant
re-learning to window shop

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