Monday, December 9, 2013

Gray with a Chance of Snow

Even without knowing there's a chance of snow in the forecast, one look outside with the gray overcast skies would give you that idea. We are used to overcast skies here, but usually with rain. Instead we've had at least a week of below freezing temperatures. People (and animals) here in the Northwest are just not adapted to that kind of cold for that long. 

Needless to say my container growing on the deck has come to an abrupt end. I didn't even try out my homemade cloches (plastic jugs). One minute it was cool, the next glacial.

We did get our first snow already which made the faux garland on the back deck look even better.

The baskets could use some ornaments or something.
 I'm just not putting mine out in 11 degree temps.

Chris and his family got the tree the day after Thanksgiving. He and I got it set up and decorated last weekend. Did I mention that he loves snow and Christmas?

Not everyone has pumpkins in the background.

So why do I still have pumpkins? I just loved the color this gourd turned as it got colder, it started out a creamy white. It made a good Thanksgiving decoration, but the minute the temperature dropped this sucker became too heavy for me to lift. I usually just toss any plants off the deck and clean up the garden below later.

Finally, there's the Amaryllis...

I came downstairs this morning to find it leaning over. It has grown stick straight until now. I had it in front of a window, but also above a heat vent. So I've moved to the mantel away from both to see if that helps. This is my first so not sure what this means. Guess I'll go look it up, any helpful comments are welcome.

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