Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Already December.

It may be December, but I'm still wrapping up Thanksgiving. Someone I spoke with today said that maybe having Thanksgiving so late in the month was the reason people weren't ready for December. That excuse is good enough for me, although I've been preoccupied with a series of dental appointments and an online class that is very interesting and a bit challenging.

Before Thanksgiving I mentioned seeing a floral centerpiece idea online and decided I'd try it myself. I had pumpkins from the community garden, then bought a $5 flower bouquet at the store, and found a plastic bowl and some decorative gravel here at home. The greens were taken from the school behind our house, (I'd seen them cut down a fir tree the day before) and for a little contrast some leaves off a shrub in our back yard.

Thanksgiving centerpiece

It turned out really nice, and was very easy to make. The key was the gravel to hold down the plastic bowl and to use for keeping the flower stems in place. I made it last Thursday and it still looks good. This was fun and I liked finding another way to use my garden pumpkins.

One of my next projects was to clean out the railing planters on the back deck. The last few years I've kept the liners and planted pansies. I saw an image showing clay pots full of evergreens, cones and ornaments. So I thought this year I'd remove the plants and liners, and use the baskets for a seasonal display. 

Before: dead annuals from summer

Pine cones all over the deck after filling baskets the day before.

I filled both baskets with a lot of large, decorative pine cones. But realized I would have start over and fill the base of each basket with greens, then top with cones. Family showed up for the holiday so I just stopped at that point. Next morning I pulled back the curtain to find tiny grenade like pine cones all over the deck. Pine cones contract when they are cold, I'd been noticing the ones around the bird feeder doing this, but never once thought about it for this project.

The greens I'd gathered for the centerpiece wouldn't stay green long and I didn't have enough for both baskets. This afternoon Chris put the faux garland up on the deck and solved my dilemma.

After: faux garland with real pine cones in the railing planter on the deck.

I get a lot of ideas from photos I see online (Facebook, Pinterest) or in magazines. I don't copy them exactly, but something I see sparks an idea of how I could use it. Lately I've been "liking" more images on the All-Purpose Flower Facebook page. I try not to spam, but I like a variety of images or ideas and the people who post them. 

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