Thursday, November 21, 2013

Allow Me to Brag About My Friend's New Book

A good friend of mine has published her first book, an illustrated book about the unlikely friendship between a cat and dog. The book's title is Black and White Cat, White and Black Dog. It's written and illustrated by Marlaena Shannon, and it just happens to be based upon the real life story of her cat and dog.

As you can see by the cover, her illustrations are wonderful. The book is listed as a children's book, but the art and the story are universal. This will make an excellent gift for young, old, or in between. 

The soft cover is available on now.

Here's a link:

Or if you are on my web page (vs. reading this in an e-mail) you can go to my Amazon favorites list in the right side bar and click the link on top.

There will be an e-book version to be released later.
There will also be a hard cover soon to be released as well.

It has been exciting to watch this book come together, since she first shared some of her illustrations for the book to finally receiving a copy of my own. 

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