Monday, November 11, 2013

The Leaves Linger

Vancouver Lake Park

Yesterday we went to get coffee downtown and then drive out to Vancouver Lake and look for birds.

 We walked through our old stomping ground, Anthem Park, on our way to coffee in downtown Vancouver, WA. The man-made creek that runs through the park was collecting falling leaves.

It was on our way back to the car that we got the fully lit view of the Japanese Maple we had walked under as we entered the park.

Giant mushrooms at the park.
Chris joked about setting his coffee cup on top.

We drive out to Vancouver Lake to see birds, years ago we drove out there and saw Bald Eagles sitting in the trees. We keep going back, but don't see many birds, just geese. It's always a scenic drive no matter what time of year.

This spring the County Commissioners removed the required parking fee, one that was year round. We used to do a drive by, even paid the $3 last time we stopped. There were never many people at the park, the parking fee prohibited it's use. Yesterday we saw several people, some with dogs, many with cameras snapping the fall color, and some with toddlers splashing in the cold water (??). It was nice to see more people enjoying the park during an off-season.

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