Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Portland's Japanese Garden

Sand and Stone Garden

Monday we drove to downtown Portland to see the Japanese Garden. On Veteran's Day admission is free. We heard about this last year, but never made it (if I recall correctly, weather was involved.) 

This year beautiful, sunny weather was involved and many people had the same idea. The Portland Japanese Garden is located on a hill above the Rose Gardens. I had been there long ago as a teen, but really didn't remember the exact location or parking situation. Parking is limited, on a holiday with free admission there is no parking anywhere near the gardens. We ended up in a neighborhood several blocks away.

The walk to the garden entrance is straight up a hillside, much more fun on the way out. 

Another shot of the Sand and Stone Garden with afternoon sunlight

Chris took a couple of nice photos, while we were there. The place was packed, and I found it difficult to stop and take pictures. Some of the trails felt like lines at an amusement park. 

While it was nice to check it out on a free day, I'm thinking I would like to go back and leisurely roam the gardens with time to read the brochure and snap photos.

This photo shows the Japanese Maples at the end of the season. The colors are muted, yet very bright against the evergreen backdrop. It was a little windy and we were being showered with pine needles.

Miniature wicker fences to slow erosion.

Some of the paving details were as attractive as the plants.

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