Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cistus Nursery

Greenhouse seating area at Cistus Nursery

I've heard of Cistus Nursery, but just never managed to make it there. This weekend we made a trip over to Sauvie Island near Portland. The nursery is located in an area where we used to go to the pumpkin patch when there were small kids in the family. It is tucked away among farms and vineyards on the north side of the island.

I had read that they sell tropical plants, but was surprised to discover that they sell nothing but tropical plants. It was very interesting and Chris was in his element as he studied Landscape Architecture at UC Davis. He was rattling off all sorts of plant names as we meandered through the nursery.

It seemed that these plants were daintier than the natives here in the northwest. I found that unusual since these plants can take heat and arid climates. I kept finding plants with very tiny, delicate leaves.

While I found the huge variety of specialty plants interesting, I have to admit that I was even more interested in their displays.

These mesh screens divided each area of the nursery. I liked the green tinted wood and the rusty metal.

I took this close-up so I could figure out how to make this "myself".

A variety of tables and planks were used to display smaller plants.

This display blew me away. I love the table with the outdoor chandelier full of succulents.

My absolute favorite was their use of old rusty conveyor belt sections as shelving.

Most were stacked on piles of old brick or cement slabs.

I'm glad we finally made it there, although it was very warm and we were hanging out in the shady sections. It was nice to see a nursery set up casually and tastefully at the same time. No annuals for sale here. The entire site was planted, one thing I don't see at nurseries in town. They have established plantings and buffers around the parking, the drive and around the retail area.

For more information check out their website: http://www.cistus.com/retail/information.html


  1. My favourite picture has to be the outdoor chandelier full of succulents- so pretty! I especially like the tight blue-green rosettes. How nice to have such inspiration close by.

    1. Yes, that photo captured my mom's imagination. She described it to me over the phone. She's ready to check out their website and find that succulent so she can plant it in her own yard.
      We agreed that the blue against the rusty chandelier was perfect.