Friday, August 30, 2013

Monticello's Fall Show Starts Next Week

Just thought you should know that Monticello Antique Marketplace Fall Show starts a week from today in Portland, Oregon.

I've been wanting to go to Monticello for the last month or so, finally put it on the calendar for next week. Then realized that Friday, Sept. 6th is the start of their fall show. So I've delayed going just to see it. 

Me being me, I usually wait until after the first day/weekend of a seasonal show. I like going on weekdays and avoid the lunch hour because we always stop at Monti's for lunch or coffee and a snack. We meaning whoever I drag there with me - Chris, Mom, my sister...

Their blog post today : shows the Salvage Garden area before the displays are set up. You can see how large that space really is. This year there will be 16 vendors with displays there, that's in addition to the regular stalls in the main store area.

Something most people don't know about me is that I worked in florists shops (and one dreaded grocery store) about 20 years ago. I even took a course in floral design, with the intention of becoming a florist. Then the smaller family-owned shops dropped off one by one as the big box groceries took over the flower market,  so I decided to pursue another line of work. But I still love the creativity and presentation that was a part of seasonal displays and window displays (which seem to have disappeared in my hometown.)

The Salvage Garden is a place to find a huge variety of salvaged/reuse outdoor items. During a seasonal show the vendors go all out to create unique displays, some with themes. It's always fun to see creative ways to use items in their displays. So needless to say I'm excited to go back and see what they've got for the fall show. After that, the next big show will be the winter show starting around Thanksgiving.

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