Friday, August 9, 2013

My Week in a Nutshell

It's Friday and this week really flew by. It's hard to explain going from a 40 hour work week to working at home very part-time hours. The thrill of Friday somehow evaporated and most days feel pretty much the same. Time is now picking up speed as work is getting busier.
 Aside from having a busier schedule, I had a few highlights this week as well.

We ordered a marionberry pie from my parent's church. I posted about their pie recently. Each year they work for about 2 weeks making pies for the fair. Their church has been doing this for decades. If you visit the production area they have it down to a well-tuned system. Apple peelers, peach peelers, dough makers... As you can see that is a hand-made pie crust, a dying art form. We got it specially delivered to our front door. Thanks mom & dad.

The same day the pie arrived, a box showed up at the front door. I was perplexed until I read the label saying it was from Garden Gallery Iron Works. Kelly Rae Roberts posted a photo of her new perpetual calendar on Facebook. I wanted it the instant I saw it, even shared it with Chris. Little did I know that he ordered it for me. It's now hanging on the wall of my office and looks perfect there. I actually needed a wall calendar, was beginning to rely on hovering the mouse over the monitor clock. Thank you Chris, I love it. He is craftier than me, and suggested we make a plank with dresser pulls to hang it from. 

Wednesday evening we went to water the community garden plot. We picked more green beans, 2 more ears of corn, and pulled some really distorted looking carrots. Here are the first potatoes from the garden. I keep seeing photos of people pulling out the entire plant. Last year I dug around for potatoes and left the plant intact. After pulling out another bunch I could see lots of baby potatoes that I'd just sacrificed.  While it was fun to yank them up, I'm going to leave the rest in the ground. Of course, if I run out, my garden partner planted her 1/3rd of the plot with nothing but potatoes.

Finally, the very first red tomato at the garden. Not the Big Boy that first had green tomatoes 2 weeks ago, not the yellow pear that is covered with small green tomatoes. Nor the Black Krim that died and came back to life now sporting 4 tomatoes. This tomato is a Stupice, another favorite from last year. It is like a large cherry tomato. Both the Black Krim and Stupice were recommended by a friend of my mom's who is a Master Gardener.  After 2 years of veggie gardening I can see the merits of asking for reccomended varieties. 

I am also open to tips and ideas for harvesting veggies and planning a fall / winter planting.
Feel free to leave comments below.


  1. I've never heard of Stupice! I love cherry tomatoes, so anything similar but bigger definitely seems like something I would enjoy. Thanks for passing on the Master Gardener knowledge of recommended varieties.

    1. I chose plants based on her suggestions last year and I loved both Stupice and Black Krim. I can honestly say I would not have tried either if I hadn't had her advice.