Thursday, August 1, 2013

First Day of August at the Garden

Went to the garden this morning and got rained out. On my way I felt a foggy mist, but grabbed a coat since I hadn't watered since Sunday. As I was walking through the gardens I found this beautiful grouping  and stopped to get photos. I recognize the basil, not sure if they are all herbs, but the colors and textures caught my eye.

I then stopped by the shed to see if I had a note about my tomato plant - nothing. The Master Gardeners cleaned up the old shed and made mail boxes for us out of pvc pipe. I did get a follow up e-mail that one Master Gardener was concerned I had blight. She was going to go look at the plant, but I haven't heard since. Imagine my surprise when I noticed the plant has 3 tomatoes. 

I set the water on the onions and started picking green beans. Noticed that the flea beetles have now discovered my beans. I've got them on tomatoes, potatoes and now beans. The squash have mildew. We sprayed once, but I'm just not inclined to buy more spray. There are several pumpkins growing so I hope they will be spared.

I picked 2 zucchinis and a bag of green beans when it went from misting to raining. After I put the hose away I noticed that some carrots had been eaten. We had decided to leave them in the ground longer. Guess somebunny decided they looked good. To confirm my suspicions I saw a cute little bunny in another plot on my way out.

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