Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Moo Poo Tea

Moo Poo Tea steeping

I stumbled across the idea of compost tea a couple of years ago. Specifically, moo poo tea from Authentic Haven Brand. I posted about it last year when I placed my first order. Choose from horse, cow or alfalfa tea bags or get the assortment pack. They come in sets of 3 or 9. I bought a 3-pack of cow poo tea last year and despite the snickers of visiting relatives I thought my plants did much better with occasional applications.

Above is a photo of the tea I applied last week. The bags come with instructions that are pretty simple. Use a 5 gallon bucket, fill with water and toss in a tea bag to steep for 1-3 days. I use a plastic bowl or yogurt container to apply the tea around the roots of my veggies. 

This is my second year veggie gardening so I'm still experimenting and things are pretty random. Last year one of the other gardeners said I should apply granular fertilizer when planting. I still have some left over and used it (sparingly) when we planted this year. But, I'd like to say that when I open that bag the smell of the chemicals is revolting. Unlike the moo poo tea, which doesn't have a bad odor (despite the looks of it).

I liked Annie Haven's product because of presentation and the fact that she's using her family ranch in a different way to create green products. 

You can visit her website at:

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