Monday, May 21, 2012

Tea Time

Last night I ordered some "moo-poo tea" for my veggie garden. It's really called Natural Brew Premium Soil Conditioner from Authentic Haven Brand. Yes, it is compost in a tea bag, I first saw this product in the book, Garden Up, Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces, by Susan Morrison & Rebecca Sweet. Last spring I was reading their book on vertical gardening ideas. They suggest the compost  'tea bags' as an organic alternative fertilizer (page 86). 

"moo-poo tea" from Authentic Haven Brand

It's a different, yet clever idea, and I liked the packaging and use of an old rake to display the bags. This image caught my eye again when I saw it on Pinterest - I have pins on my "just had to pin this" and "Products I Love" boards, just click on the red Pinterest button at the bottom right of this page. 

Turns out, Annie Haven has a Pinterest page and is one of the people who regularly shares her favorite blogs. I've been interested in the tea (especially as an alternative to adding bags of manure to the garden) and I've looked at her website. They have cow, horse and alfalfa teas and the price is low enough that it's worth ordering a pack of 3 bags just to try it.

Last night I was on Facebook and saw a video about the tea. It is so simple, steep a bag in a bucket of water for a day, reuse the bag (my dad will like that) until the manure dissolves, then recycle/compost the bag. You then pour the 'tea' around the plants, rather than fertilizing the whole garden.

I did use some granular fertilizer when I planted veggies, I'll probably do the same when I plant the tomatoes. But, rather than adding more, I'll try the tea on the veggies and use the granular at home.

If your interested in the "moo-poo tea" go to or see Annie's page on Pinterest: Authentic Haven Natural Brew.


  1. I think you forgot to mention...don't drink the tea!

    1. The funny thing is that I've seen one of their advertising photos with the tea bags next to a sun tea jar...
      No joke, don't drink it