Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some Planters Have Issues of their Own

I had been buying the plants for my two old railing planters as I found the ones I liked, with no plan in mind for either of them. First I found yellow mini aster, then Big Blue Lobelia, and finally deep red geranium. I'd bought the geranium just as we found out we'd be leaving for a funeral and would be gone for a week.

This trip was last minute and I was concerned about the weather. It had been raining for days. I didn't want to leave new plants out in the wind and rain. But, leaving them under the covered porch meant they might not get enough water.

The problem was the coconut husk planters. Last year I bought the lined coconut husk because they have an inner lining to retain water. This is great in the sun, but they fill up with water in constant rainy conditions (like in the Pacific Northwest).  It would seem that watering container plants is an issue whether it's sunny or rainy, wet or dry. 

I decided to plant these thinking that the roots would have a better chance potted than just left root bound in nursery containers. So I planted them (in the rain) unsure of the weather in the coming week

I was happy to come home and find my planters looking great. I really like seeing the bright colors from inside the house too. Luckily for me both the upstairs planters and the covered plants downstairs did well, perhaps with a little attention from the cat's sitter as well.

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