Sunday, June 9, 2013

In the Garden

So far this year we have been at the community garden in the evenings. This has been determined mostly by work schedules and other commitments. Last year I would go in the morning while it was still cool. Of course I'd get there about 10 am when the light was getting too bright for good photos - not that it stopped me. 

Last night we got the rest of the seed starts planted, three rows of carrots and an entire tray of sunflowers. I finally found Pole beans and after moving the bush beans we now have 2 teepees of beans planted. 

The potatoes are growing faster than I'd thought and I have "hilled" them twice. Last year our potatoes were an after thought planted late. Their greens were eaten by flea beetles, so not the best crop. But, I had more fun digging up potatoes, so I tried planting more this year. My garden partner decided to plant her 1/3 of the garden with nothing but potatoes, I can't wait to see how many she grows.

Last  year I posted every step of the community garden experience. This year, I have just tried to get everything planted in time. I still have to go back and note varieties that we've already planted. This spring I tried to draw up a plan, since I posted a couple last year. But it looked so plain and boring I ditched it. I may try to sketch what I planted.

I have a plan on Smart Gardener but I wasn't able to print just the plan. That is by far easier for me than hand drawing a plan, but I'll have to go back and see if I can get a pdf or jpg image to share.

One of my favorite things about the garden is wandering around and seeing other plots and the way people do things differently. So, I did snap a few photos last night of some ideas I really liked.

I've been drooling over glass cloches on Pinterest for a year. My neighbors at the garden used clear gallon water bottles, a really simple reuse concept.

Each plot is bordered by a bark pathway, nothing separates the plots from foot traffic or wagons. This idea using a stake and rope is functional but looks so nice 
- I really want to copy it.

 So far this trellis is the coolest thing I've seen. Two flat sheets of wire mesh bent to make this arch. We had already built teepees for our beans (using left over stakes, so no cost). But I have to try this next year. I'll have to look closer to see what's planted around it and under it.

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