Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to the Wildlife Botanical Gardens

Friday I took my mom to the Wildlife Botanical Gardens in Brush Prairie, WA. We've been talking about going for awhile and waited until a day in June that was already too warm when we got there.  We only walked through a couple of gardens (there are 8-9), but agreed that this would be a good place to meet a friend of hers in the future. It's obvious that the gardens are constantly changing, I would like to go back each month.

In May I wrote about my first visit to the gardens. I was sure mom would like them. They are packed with perennials and are designed to teach people how to attract wildlife to their yards. We went to casually look around. Within a minute she found a flowering plant that she wanted in her yard. I kept seeing all sorts of blooming plants that were not flowering when I first visited. I had to go back to the car and get my phone to snap a few pictures.

Mom's favorite color and a flower as tall as she is.

Almost every plant is identified, one nice thing about these gardens.
 The symbols show which wildlife critter is attracted, in this case all of them.

I was trying to photograph the ground cover when I spotted these very tiny fuschia flowers.

So far I have to admit that I've been focused on the plants, but these garden rooms are designed to be demonstration gardens for attracting birds, butterflies and other wildlife to our yards. They are accessible by gravel paths on flat terrain and each garden has benches or picnic tables. Now we just need a cooler day to have a picnic there.

They have an informative website and a description of each garden space:

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