Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wildlife Botanical Gardens

Last Sunday we drove north of Vancouver to Brush Prairie, WA to see a garden I had heard of about a year ago called Wildlife Botanical Gardens. They just recently had a plant sale and I had seen signs all over town for it. The plant sale had me check out their website, which is more elaborate than most nurseries here. This time I wrote their name down on my calendar so I wouldn't forget it.

The gardens were created and maintained by NatureScaping of Southwest Washington, a non-profit group. The intent is to show people how to attract wildlife to their gardens. There are several gardens, more like rooms, that serve as demonstration gardens. I was taking photos of the signs thinking I would keep track of which garden was which. But, I lost track at some point, guess I'll have to go back.

To me the gardens were interesting because of the variety of plants and the fact that they had id tags for most plants. Plus, there were only about 5 people there and some cows across the street. But, there were a couple of gardens that stood out and I had to get a few photos of them. 

Aside from the beautiful and colorful gardens there were some more intent on being useful.

This one stopped me in my tracks, the sign reads 'Homestead Garden)

They had a classroom set up on all the different composting methods. This was located at the west end of the 3 acre site, you can see the neighboring farm in the background. This was interesting, although I'm not sure I'm ready to pursue becoming a "Master Composter".

I took a lot of photos of individual plants, some I'd never seen before, most of them perennials. This is not far from my house so I intend to go back and see how the gardens change throughout the seasons, and work on my botanical names while I'm there.

Check out their website:

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