Monday, July 1, 2013

Strawberry Surprise

Last year I tried strawberries in a hanging basket because the ones on the ground were spreading all over, but not producing a lot of fruit. The plants on the ground made a nice groundcover and spread the full length of our lower deck. As it turned out that basket of strawberries didn't produce much fruit last year either.

In May I posted a photo of the basket I'd pretty much forgotten, full of green strawberries. That basket has produced several berries, but the surprise was all the strawberries growing at ground level. 

Despite a few slugs who've helped themselves to some berries, I've picked 3 colanders half full of strawberries from those plants this year. I usually go downstairs to do some task then spot all the berries. I never remember to bring a colander with me, so my watering can has become my new berry bowl. They are delicious and most of the strawberries (that made it to the kitchen) went into smoothies. Although, Chris did offer to make a pie, not having a recipe for a gluten-free crust, I just kept making smoothies.

In the photo below you can see that the strawberries have decided to take over the yard. Last fall I thought about transplanting some to the community garden. This year I was glad I hadn't when I saw someone else's strawberry patch growing into the public path. The only idea that I've seen work there is a raised planter and I'm not willing to do that in a temporary garden plot.

Some may go to my parent's yard where they can grow as a ground cover. 

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