Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 

A few things I discovered this week that I'd like to share:

A planting guide based on your region in the US from Mother Earth News:

Select your region then select any month of the year for a planting list. They offer the top 10 plants for your area and a list of other plant options.
This quote is from the March page for the Pacific Northwest:

"Take advantage of breaks in the wet weather to weed and till. If you can get this soil prep work done now, you will be able to plant whenever you want. Postpone it too long, and wet weather or tall weeds can delay planting for weeks."

— Rose Marie Nichols McGee, Nichols Garden Nursery, Albany, Oregon

Rose Marie co-authored The Bountiful Container, a book you'll find in my book list at the bottom of the webpage.

A blog post on growing edibles in small spaces, from P. Allen Smith:
This post has lots of great photos with a variety of planting and container ideas. This is what's rolling around in my mind for our deck, I just need to settle on using the containers I've got vs. new railing planters.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Feel free to share your favorite in the comment section.

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