Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Icons Thanks to Generous Bloggers

Today I found a post called "Best Blog Tips of 2012" from  the Blog Guidebook. I decided to take a look and found the first items were links about social media icons. You see them everywhere, small circles or images on just about every page you look at. They are the links that take you to Facebook, e-mail, or RSS feeds, etc.

I have wanted those small buttons for some time. I did actually figure out how to make my own buttons, but could not find a series of icons that included all my pages. Plus, I could not get them lined up in row and had grouped them in a large space at the top of my page.

Thanks to Lyndsay at the Blog Guidebook I now have the icons I wanted (see the upper right sidebar). And I may even add a few later. She designed the buttons and included the code for each. She also provided links to other icons if you want another design. I really like the way most bloggers will share how-to info with others. This is something I'd not been able to figure out yet, and they made it easy.

I am still looking through their best tips of last year, if you want to check it out, here's a link:
Best Blog Tips of 2012.

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