Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Find Me on Flickr

I've had some of my photos on Flickr for a few years, only using it as a way to sort them. With most computer applications, when I become confused or frustrated by how it all works I will go off and do something else.

One of the the first things that went wrong when I set up my blog was a gadget that linked my Flickr photos to the blog page. I set it up, it worked for a day or two, then something went whacky, it left a blank spot on the page and I could not figure out how to fix it.

A few months ago I added some buttons to the right sidebar, one was for Flickr, pressing that  takes you straight to my page and my photos, but just wasn't the same.

So, today I went back to Flickr and I noticed that someone had viewed a couple of my photos and left comments - nice ones. After going through the tutorial (again), I went back to the home page and found that she'd made me a contact (even Flickr said "Hooray!").

After looking at all her photos, I replied to her (2 months later) and left a comment of my own. What a nice surprise to finally connect with someone on Flickr.

I also found a way to set up a Flickr badge with thumbnails of my photos on the right sidebar. In the exact spot you may be used to seeing the ads that I removed yesterday. So, I invite you to click on the button, go to my photostream and leave a comment there or here on the blog. If you have a Flickr page and would like to be my contact then let me know.

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