Monday, December 10, 2012

Re-Using Christmas Ornaments for Wreaths

After decorating both inside and out, we still had a couple of craft projects waiting. Last year I bought 2 faux evergreen wreaths at Target (for about $4 ea.). At the time, I had plans for an Etsy shop for this Christmas, but that hasn't happened yet. I'm hoping to take a class from a local crafter this winter and decide if I want to pursue it.

When Chris was admiring wreaths at Monticello, it reminded me that I still had the wreaths and lots of old ornaments for decorating. Sunday afternoon we got all our craft gear out and a couple boxes of Christmas supplies and each made a wreath. His for the front door and mine for an undisclosed destination.

Val's wreath:

Naturalized with pine cones and cinnamon
the button twine was gift wrap

Chris' wreath:

Bright vintage ornaments

At night it shines
(click to enlarge any photo)

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