Thursday, December 13, 2012

An Advent Calendar with Simple Ways to Celebrate

The candle is one of Chris' finds at
Monticello Antique Marketplace last week
This month I've been posting about simple ways we are celebrating the season. I stumbled across a cool Advent calendar on another blog and wanted to share it. 

Tuesday, I was reading my friend's blog post on rain gardens. Her blog, Murals and Landscapes by Hana, features a rain garden design she did locally. In her design, she incorporated a dry creek bed and her plan lists a variety of plants to use in rain gardens here in the northwest. I always like Hana's planting plans because they are attractive and easy to read. 

She also lists some favorite blogs on the right side of her page. That's where I spotted one that I'd seen some time ago and forgotten. Which is too bad because it is one of the most attractive blogs I've seen. I clicked on the link and discovered an Advent Calendar series.

The Swenglish Home is the blog by Helena Bernald. She is an interior designer and photographer.  I remember being in awe the first time I saw her blog, very tasteful, yet simple. She is currently doing an Advent series for Christmas in which she posts a Christmas idea each day. Easy ideas, like ones I could do.

I recommend visiting her blog. While there you can scroll down and read the previous Advent posts. So what if it's December 13th? It's a lot like getting your hands on an Advent Calendar full of chocolates and having to eat through the first two weeks to get to today's surprise (not that I've done that).

Here's a link to her post at
You can find a link to her blog and to Hana's in my list of blog favorites at the bottom of the page. 

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