Monday, November 12, 2012

A Brief Visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Plants at Museum Hill. If you can id this plant with the yellow flowers,
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In October I got to visit Santa Fe for the first time. Chris and I stayed there for 3 days, in unusually warm weather, even for them. He and I have both lived in the northwest climate for over 20 years, so it was a surprise that we both were so taken by the arid landscape and the "human scale" of the city. We were also impressed by the use of native plants and materials, and did I mention the incredible blue of the sky?.

It had been a long time since I had no car and just roamed around the downtown area on foot. He was at a seminar and skipped waiting for the bus and would walk a few miles back to the hotel each day. We weren't vacationing there, but I guess we were still tourists. Before leaving we saw the shops and churches. That town has history, some of the churches built in the 1600s. To me, the northwest really doesn't have that sense of establishment.

Peppers stung along the walkway at the hotel

I took lots of photos and have some more I'll share. One thing I picked up on was their use of native materials in very practical ways. I looked at these peppers and wondered what would our equivalent be in the northwest? A garland of pine cones maybe. Why is it that they are able to decorate their outdoor spaces so beautifully with something so common? Yet we don't have a tradition of using local plant material this way except at Christmas. 

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