Thursday, November 15, 2012

ReUse Ideas and Portland's Fix-It Fair

Yesterday I got the newsletter from the ReBuilding Center in Portland, OR. They are a non-profit group selling used building supplies and offer deconstruction services to keep these materials out of landfills. 

We went to check them out over a year ago after I'd read The Revolutionary Yardscape, by Matthew Levesque. He is program director and master of recycled art at the nonprofit Building REsources and Red Shovel Glass Company in San Francisco.  Which to me, is a pretty cool job title.

His resource guide at the back of his book listed both The ReBuilding Center and Habitat Restores. The ReBuilding Center in Portland is located on Mississippi Ave. The store has a very unique entryway and is fun to browse, the entire area is interesting as well. We also visited Pistils Nursery while there, and of course the ice cream shop. 

In their newsletter they note that they have updated their ReUse Ideas Library, and have spent some time online looking for great examples of reuse. Several ideas have been added to the garden category and they offer DIY instructions.

Here's a link to their  ReUse Ideas Library. 

As someone who's always looking for these ideas on Pinterest it was great to see a group promoting them as a way to reuse items and make them yourself.

When I went to their Facebook page I noticed a post about the Fix-It Fair this weekend. This is sponsored by the City of Portland and offers workshops and information booths on ways to save money and be sustainable. There are three fairs over winter, if you're interested here's the link to the Fix-It Fair Resource Guide.

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