Monday, October 8, 2012

Avoid Getting Blown Away

On my last trip to the community garden I got to see the effect of 40+ mph winds on the site. This is southwest Washington State, we aren't really a windy area. But, Vancouver (WA) is located on the north side of the Columbia River Gorge. When we get "east winds" that is where it's coming from. But, because it is inconsistent it is easy to forget to plan for it.

This windmill was a recent addition to another plot

This probably took some time to construct and very little for the wind to tear it up

I'd just learned about making cloche covers in a class last month and I can sympathize with the people who came back to this one only start over again. I was lucky, the bean teepee on my lot was still upright and I tested it to make sure it would stay put. 

Since this is my first year at the garden, I've planted fall veggies that can last up to the first frost. I'm not ready to try over-wintering, or even extending the season with cloches or cold frames, but I plan to spend some time reading up on it.

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