Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vancouver (WA) Made It Into Sunset Magazine

Sunset magazine is one of my favorites, my parents subscribed to it and I started reading it as a teen. In college, I told a professor that my dream job would be working for Sunset, I just didn't want to move to California. 

I subscribe to it now and the October issue just got here. There on page 20 is a photo of the new downtown library next to a list of places to explore in Vancouver (aka The Couv).

On July 26th I wrote about my first visit to the new library in downtown Vancouver, WA. It had opened a year earlier, but I didn't visit it until we attended a film series hosted by the Vancouver Watersheds Alliance.  The building is really nice, with lots of wood, glass and stone. The layout is open and bright, and it is very clean and modern. It even has a cafe and computer class rooms, not to mention the outdoor terrace.

Library terrace shown in my July 26th post

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  1. I took my grandson to the library, but never made it to the roof garden. Maybe next time. Hana