Monday, September 24, 2012

Gardening Links

Sunflowers on my plot at the community garden

I found two great resources on a Facebook post the other day and wanted to share them. I follow Gardening (in real life), who shared a link from the Gardening Jones blog- "Extending the Garden Season".

First, was a link on, that site alone could provide online reading for days. The link was to a What to Plant Now map, a regional planting map, you pick your area (Pacific Northwest) and the month (September) and it provides a list of plants and other resources specifically for that region. 

When I first looked at it I decided to pin it to my Veggie board on Pinterest. It was repinned about 6 times within the hour. That was specifically the Pacific Northwest page for September. Here's a link to the What to Plant Now page: You can choose your region and month and go from there.

The second was an article called "7 Tips on Succession Planting". I like brief informative articles like this one. I'm just beginning to understand that planting can be done year round and I like it when people keep their advice simple.

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