Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Technicolor Flowers

Sometimes my phone camera likes to do it's own special effects, and I'm not complaining, because I like the way these turned out. Also, pretty sure I couldn't have done this if I'd tried. This is a sunflower in my garden plot that has the brightest russet color. It looked so intense against the blue sky, it didn't matter that petals are missing and the background is a little too realistic.

Intense pale yellow sunflowers in a neighbor's plot 
Oh so bright zinnias in another garden

I took these after watering my plot Tuesday and couldn't help noticing all the gorgeous flowers as I walked back to the car. One perk of going to the community garden is seeing what others have tried and seeing great combinations of flowers mixed with vegetables. 

I'll be out of town for the next few days. If you're bored take a look at some of my favorite blogs and websites. There are links located at the bottom of the webpage. If you're still bored just click on the Pinterest button and check out my boards, maybe even start your own.

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