Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Planting

This morning I took my flat of vegetables and loaded them into the garden wagon. I felt a little odd bringing a flat of plants to the garden in mid September. This is the first time I've tried planting anything other than mums in the fall. Goal is to plant by September and harvest before the first  frost, which here ranges from Nov. 1-7.

I was told there's early planting (Sept.1-15) and late planting (Sept. 16-30) here in the northwest. I'd obviously missed the deadline for the early planting, and couldn't remember which plants to plant when, so I decided to just plant the ones I'd like to eat and see how that works. Technically, you can start planting in July, which my garden partner did, planting seeds for beans and a few other plants.

I'd also been told that it would most definitely rain on the 15th, but we are now having another wave of heat with a forecast in the 80s all week.  I hope those plants like the extra shot of sun.

Above are rows with two types of lettuce and spinach and some scallions in one corner of my plot. We had pulled the potato plants and some old nasturtiums out, added compost, then added some lime before replanting.

I planted some chard and pak choi in another spot that had carrots and nasturtiums earlier in the year. I've never grown either of the these and only have an idea of how to cook them, but it's time to expand my veggie horizons.

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