Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Garden

Sunflower in a neighbors plot

I got up early this morning to water at the garden. Yesterday we had our first really hot day at 103 degrees here in Vancouver, WA. While I was watering I took a look around and this spot of color caught my eye. I came over to look at the group of zinnias then found this sunflower. 

Zinnias in a neighbor's plot

My own sunflowers are not blooming yet, but I've got a couple of large buds. Today I got compliments on the garden and the color, mostly nasturtiums. 

My sunflower bud, check out the pumpkin in the background

I got to meet a couple of other gardeners. One woman brought her husband over who sometimes uses a wheelchair.  They liked my plot for it's accessible layout, with it's two wide paths, I'm pretty sure a wheelchair could easily move through the plot. 

But, I told them I'd been eyeing the more conventional plots around me (farm rows) for next year's garden. When I said that we didn't have room for pumkins, they suggested that I just plant a couple in the middle and let them meander.

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