Friday, August 3, 2012

Clark County Fair, Opening Day

This morning we went to the Clark County Fair, using free entry tickets to the pancake breakfast. We didn't intend to eat pancakes which was good, because the line was a long one. 

One of the first exhibits we saw, after the cows, were of some landscapes designed by kids in Future Farmers of America (now the National FFA Organization).

I was impressed by the perspective drawing by one and the foresight to include a S'more's kit in the other.

At one point, I found a Master Gardener Info booth and asked about my tomato's curling leaves and the bugs I'd found. He confirmed that they were aphids and washing them with water or using ladybugs were good remedies. He said I could use a soap or there are oil based sprays that are not toxic. 

We managed to find a food stand with salads or wraps. We had salads and a cheese quesadilla for lunch. But made up for that with pie from the booth sponsored by my parents' church.  Homemade, fresh baked pies, made from local fruit - fair pie. We had peach, since they'd run out of apple - yum. No, not gluten free or sugar free, but the best pie you could find, only once a year.

After lunch we saw horses, sheep, goats, and the motocross guys practicing for their show.

And of all the odd things I saw today, and there were many, this barbed wire display on the side of the blacksmith building was interesting to me. There were about 4-5 panels with each strand labeled, some of them dating back into the late 1800s.  Who knew?

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