Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Squash Saga

Last Friday I wrote about the problems at the community garden. Bugs, most likely Flea Beetles chewing holes in my tomato plants and potatoes, and something that is slowly killing my Hubbard squash. 

The first lil Hubbard June 20th

The Hubbard at it's best July 13th

The Hubbard today August 13

Last week I tried to take a cutting to the WSU Extension office, but no Master Gardeners were available, they were all at the County Fair. There was one Horticulturist but he was with someone and I was third in line. So I asked for a card and e-mailed a photo of the cutting. 

In the mean time, I got some organic insecticide & fungicide and sprayed it along with the tomatoes.

One week later that plant looks pretty dead, with only the newest leaves still intact. So I went back to the WSU Extension office [located at the same site as the community garden] and no one was in. So I left the cutting and don't have much hope of finding out what the problem is until it's too late. Garden casualty #1.

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