Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mosaic Virus Has Nothing to Do with a Computer

In yesterday's post I showed photos of my Hubbard Squash which is about 3/4 of the way dead. I had tried to contact the WSU Extension Office and find out if the Master Gardeners knew what the problem was, that way I could rush out and buy the spray to kill it.

Photo of the Hubbard leaf  I sent to the Extension  Office

This morning I had a message from their office and they said the problem is called Mosaic Virus and that it will kill the plant. The only thing to do is try to buy disease resistant plants in the future. 

This is my first year at the community garden and I've said it's all an experiment, but I really didn't picture my plants dying of some dread disease. It's a good lesson, though, because my plant selection this year was based on easiness to grow and a couple of recommendations. Just means more research this winter.

Also, I want to note that this summer the hours of the WSU Extension Office, located at Heritage Farm have been reduced due to budget cuts. This makes it pretty hard to get a hold of anyone there, even for some like me who comes to the site a couple times a week.

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