Sunday, August 26, 2012

Over the Weekend

You may think that I spent Saturday night out having so much fun that I forgot my blog post. But the reality is that I spent my Saturday night trying to do my post, but Blogger kept sending one error message after another, refusing to upload my photos. I actually spent more time on it than the post would have taken.

It was a boring post and even I questioned it after spending all that time trying to publish it. It was about my potato plants and my experiment with the organic insecticide I used on one set of plants and not the other. The spray works, one set of plants is alive and the other half dead with bugs visible. I used Organocide and recommend it.

With that said, Chris and I went to the Camas Vintage Street Faire yesterday. There was a big crowd and a rather small group of dealers, which surprised me. As we were arriving I spotted some people leaving with vintage tools. But while we were there I made my way back to the shop I'd posted about on July 6th. It's called CupbearerThis is where I made my big find.

I saw this Vintage Garden sign and snatched it up. It is now on the wall of our back porch. I decided to place it in a more sheltered spot so it doesn't get lots of rain. It sits right above the clay pot wreath I made last year.

I may post later about the wreath, I saw this idea on Pinterest and just loved it. I already had most of the items, only had to buy a couple more clay pots. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and can see potential for future wreaths like this, but a little less breakable.

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