Thursday, July 19, 2012

Veggie Anxiety

Purple peas from Heritage Farm Community Garden

My last few posts have all been about facing my lack of know-how when it comes to cooking vegetables. Growing them is fun, but I must now admit that I'm not sure what to do with a lot of fresh tomatoes or zucchinis. One or two at a time I can handle, but I'm looking at tomato plants covered with green fruit and have already had 3 zucchinis ripen at once and I've got nothing to draw from in order to create a dish or menu for them.

All the purple peas growing at once

A relative sent me a link to a New York Times article called "Raw Panic".  Turns out I'm not alone and that others suffer "vegetable anxiety". It's a brief article and offers a couple of ideas on how to handle large quantities of fresh produce. Rather than try to cook it all, my back up plan will be to share the wealth with family.

To read the article, go to:

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  1. Sounds like the movie, "Attack of the Giant Tomatoes."