Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cook It or Carve It for Halloween

Yesterday I asked my friend for some advice on cooking the Hubbard squash she had suggested. I was beginning to think she'd recommended them because they are blue. 

Hubbard squash photo from Google images

Here's her response:
About the squash, when it is bigger than your head, pick it and cut it in half, or I'd just roast it whole after poking some vent holes in it. Oven 350 degrees until a fork goes in it easily. That will take a couple of hours or maybe more, depending on how big the squash is. If you need to cut it in half, you will need to put it cut side down in a pan with some water in it. Like half inch just to keep that part moist. It will still take a long time to cook, and you will need to be sure there is always a little water in there.
I like to cook squash and yams with no water, and overcook them just a little because they get a bit caramelized. It's yummy.
You can scoop out the pulp and mash it, add butter and brown sugar if you want, or not. I don't add sugar. There are a bunch of other ways to make it, but I'll see if this is enough for you for now. 

 So there you have it, how to cook a squash bigger than my head.

If I get tired of cooking them I can carve them, thought she'd like this one...

Hubbard squash image from

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