Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Simple Appreciation

When we were at Esther Short Park last weekend for the Recycled Arts Festival we toured through the Saturday Market tents and then turned to head back to the car. I stopped to take this photo of the roses, I'd never seen them looking so vibrant and healthy.

But the little girl walked into it just as I took it. She was excitedly showing her parents a rose she thought was the most beautiful. Meanwhile they were asking her to move over to another bush so they could get her photo.

It was nice to see her enthusiasm and genuine interest in these flowers. That's pretty much how I feel when I walk into a garden or nursery, but I know the intensity that I felt as a child has lessened. When I look at plants now I'm running through a list of questions about sun/shade/flowering/blah blah blah. 

I'm going to take a cue from this kid and go shopping for some plants to fill in for the lettuce that's done or the empty spots in the garden. I'm going to look for a plant I just love and leave it at that.

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