Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hits and Misses

On a warm, sunny day in the Pacific Northwest I got to go work at the community garden with my garden partner this morning, then shop at a nursery with my mom in the afternoon. My kind of day.

The highlight at the garden was discovering a tomato on the Early Girl plant, then realizing there were more, 5 total. Since I'm a novice at vegetable gardening I wasn't even looking for tomatoes yet.

My garden partner generously offered me one of her beautiful heads of lettuce. Thank you H. we had it in tonight's salad.

One of the reasons for the trip to the nursery is the crook neck squash pictured below. Despite looking ill it has managed to produce a bloom. I've waited to see if it would come back the way the other two squash have, but no. So I picked up another squash plant and will just plant it next to this one. Did the same thing with our pole beans a few weeks ago.

We got a lot of weeding done, in our plot and around the perimeter pathway. Plus, I finally got to apply the manure tea that I'd started steeping last Wednesday. Instructions were to steep 1-3 days and I did 7. I applied about 2 cups per plant. I had a reminder pop up from Smart Gardener online to apply manure tea every 3 weeks to my peppers. I was surprised to see it listed there, but will use the 3 week interval for my next application.

My partner and I discussed what to plant in the empty spots and settled on potatoes. I managed to find a bag of Yukon Gold at the nursery (1/2 off).  Chris and I will get those in before the weekend since they're off to a late start.  I also found a tray of pastel colored California Poppies and will add them to the garden.

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