Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One Single Foxglove

The only room we have for plants in the back yard is straight up the fence. I've been slow to plant anything since the evergreen clematis plants died. So this spring I came up with a couple of ideas. One was to ask Chris what he'd like. To my surprise he said a foxglove would look good. 

On one of our many trips to the nursery, we picked one out, it then sat on the back deck until it was just about to bloom. Then it became my mission to get it in the ground before blooming.

It's a standard pink foxglove, but if you look closely it has an elaborate design inside each flower.

I picked this location because Chris can see it from the desk downstairs. It looks a little tight behind the tree, but I think it fits in with the trellis and flower. Now just waiting to see if the Morning Glory seeds will grow up the gate, not very sunny now, but could be later this summer.

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