Monday, June 4, 2012

Upcycled Garden Art

"Salvage Garden"  is the name of the garden display area at Monticello Antique Marketplace in Portland, OR. I've been interested in recycled garden art for awhile and when I found their garden display I was in heaven. I like the name so I've adopted it when I refer to recycled, upcycled, salvage, or re-purposed garden art. Everybody seems to have a different name for it, but they all refer to re-using items in new ways, with the benefit of keeping them out of landfills.

A lot of the 'old junk' has character and I enjoy seeing the clever ways people can put them to use. I have a Salvage Garden Art board on my Pinterest page where I've collected over a hundred ideas, the ones I really love, but there are many more to be found there. Here's one example:

Wheel rim turned planter from

Today I got my first copy of an online "magazine" that I'd recently subscribed to. I'd found a garden blog called Gardens Inspired through Pinterest. The author, Debra Anchors, has also created Upcycled Garden Style via Scoop It. She has put together pages of ideas and photos. What's great about it is that you can see lot's of salvage art, but most items have a direct link to DIY instructions. 

You can also follow Upcycled Garden Style like a blog by e-mail or by RSS feed to a reader. Check out Upcycled Garden Style at:


  1. Hello, Val.

    Many thanks for including a reference to my website in All-Purpose Flower. I am truly honored.

    Debra, Gardens Inspired

    1. Thanks Debra,I was excited to find both your website and Upcycled Garden Style. Great stuff all in one place. Look forward to seeing more.