Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Pinterest Board for My Blog

This week I added a board to my Pinterest page called "All-Purpose Flower (my blog)". I've added some photos from my blog posts and they directly link to the blog page. 

Pinterest is great, but it's easy to repin photos, re-write the text, then someone else does the same and so on. I've seen photos from a few authors and other bloggers I recognize that get stripped down. By uploading them from the respective blog pages they should keep their original source. We'll see.

I got a little lazy about adding a copyright to my photos over the last few months. So I'm trying to improve in that area now. The only images I'm adding to Pinterest will be ones with my copyright. 

I did add a pin that was not mine. I'd been trying to id a blue flower in a post and found it a few days later on Pinterest. I repinned it into my blog board and listed in the caption that it was for my June 18 post. I will probably add any pins I think are related. But under each pin is the address the photos came from. Mine will always list,

Love in a mist / Nigella damascena -   one of the plants I wanted to id in June 18 post
Love in a Mist -this pin was originally from Lotties Cottage

To go to my Pinterest page you can click the red button in the lower right of this page.

If you don't feel like scrolling, you can go directly to my page by clicking here:

If you are not familiar with Pinterest just go to sometime and start clicking on images you like. If you see things you want to save then sign up and start creating your boards. You do have to use either Twitter or Facebook to initially log in.   

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