Friday, June 29, 2012

At Random

Poppies at the community garden, Heritage Farm

It's Friday and I will be going back to Eugene this weekend, so I don't plan to post again until Monday. I hope to come back with pictures of my sister's office garden. My blog is new and I have tried to establish a habit of posting 3-4 days then 1 day off. Last spring I was about to skip Fridays because we watch Grimm. Then the season ended and there was no more Grimm (until Season 2 this fall).

I've been slow to figure out all the ins and outs of Blogger. Just yesterday I found the on/off switch for the annoying word verification you get when you try to comment. So now there shouldn't be any barriers to commenting. Imagine my surprise when today I received 2 spam comments. One at least left a compliment on my post before advertising their own blog/webpage.

I'm just taking this moment to say that my blog is not a place for free advertising, especially for products that I don't even recognize. Some day I hope to offer (paid) advertising space, I guess in my mind that would be for blogs or products that compliment my page or are somehow related.

I will delete any comments that are for self-promotion only.  Now that I've removed the word verification, if I can't tell if the comment was left by a person or a computer program I will delete.

That said, I'd really like to see more comments on post topics or flowers or recycling ideas. Feel free to tack your name or initials at the end, since Blogger will call you "anonymous".

As for the poppies - these flowers were growing in another plot at the community garden and I really loved them as part of the vegetable garden. I had planned on sunflowers and gladioulus in mine. I've got the sunflower starts just no sun. The other flower I really liked in other gardens was California Poppy. I managed to find a tray at the nursery and got them around the edges of our plot yesterday. Better late than never. I hope the reseed.

In the center you can see the one I love, I think it is called a Shirley Poppy,
 if you know the name leave me a comment!

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