Saturday, June 2, 2012

Japanese Snowbell

Styrax japonica (Japanese Snowbell) is the name of this tree in my parent's backyard. I spent years calling it a pear tree, mistaking it for an ornamental pear tree. Right now it is fragrant, loaded with white blossoms, and buzzing full of bees. Flower petals fall over the deck and the lawn and when it's all said a done, the tiny "pears" fall and will reseed.

My parents have lived here for over 20 years and have watched the original landscape planting grow, sometimes beyond what they'd like (this tree included). This tree, some sweetgums, and a couple of rhododendrons were among the original owner's contributions to the yard. While it is messy (planted too close to the deck) and has grown outward as much as it's grown up, I think it makes a great focal point.

To see varieties available locally here's a link to Portland Nursery.

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