Sunday, May 27, 2012

Starting From Seed

My new planter on the upstairs deck has mesh along the back for something to climb. The gate we made into a trellis still awaits a vine of some sort. Last year I had Morning Glory seeds planted by now. I keep thinking they may be right for the gate trellis. 

Last year's Morning Glory vine

I really loved the Black-Eyed Susan vine I bought last year, but didn't have a place for it to climb, now I do. So I went to the store and got seeds for both, and since they had a 'buy two get one free' sale, I got seeds for mini pumpkins too. The Morning Glory seeds are soaking.

Last years Black-Eyed Susan vine

I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm willing to try the seeds first, then buy something from the nursery if "have to".  Down on the lower deck I've got 3 packs of nasturtiums I started from seed and a bunch of sunflower seeds I started.  The sunflower were supposed to go to the garden in with the corn I didn't plant. Not sure where these will end up.

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