Sunday, April 29, 2012

Plant Name Association

In a previous post I mentioned that my mom had starts of  lilly of the valley from a neighbor who had since passed away. A few starts now cover several square feet along the front porch.

In her backyard is a bird bath that another friend gave to my mom when she moved to Arizona.

Then there's the bachelor buttons which have relocated themselves from the original plant left by a friend of mine when she moved north.

It's interesting to me to see which plants have lasted over the years and to have unique reminders of people scattered around the garden.

I recently signed up for 'Garden Photo of the Day', it comes from Martha Tate's blog of the same name. If you'd like to get it in your e-mail each day just go to her blog at and on the right side there's a space to sign up by e-mail. I haven't been reading her posts for long, but I do enjoy her stories behind the plants.

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